Our B&B is equipped with a new generation boiler which supplies all rooms with hot water very quickly.
Furthermore, it allows you to choose the most suitable water temperature to have a shower. Click on each room to display the photo gallery and the description.

ETNIC ROOM: is a double room. It is very spacious and this allows you to add a third bed. We wanted to create an oriental atmosphere in our b&b.
The furniture like the bed made of teak, the headboard made of bamboo canes and the handmade decorated wardrobe come directly from Indonesia.
Furthermore, the suffused lightning creates a charged and relaxing atmosphere.
The room is equipped with full HD TV, hot/cold air-conditioner and a soundproof wall that adjoin with the bathroom.
The en-suite bathroom is spacious and finely furnished as you can see from the pictures. It is equipped with every comfort: wall hair-drier, toilet kit, bath towels and brick shower. Moreover, the Etnic room has a private balcony that overlook on a verdant area. Quietness and silence will guarantee a pleasant stay inside and outside the room.

MARYLIN ROOM is a double room inspired by Marylin Monroe. This room is very spacious so it is possible to add a third bed.
The bed has a decorated headboard embellished by a fine manufacture of buttons that make the room extremely polished. The Marylin dresser together with the chandelier and the lamps all decorated in such a distinctive way make the room suitable for couples that love a touch of elegance.
This room is equipped with full HD TV, hot/cold air-conditioner and a soundproof wall that adjoin with the bathroom. The latter is spacious and finely furnished in line with the room style.
It is equipped with a wall hair-drier, a toilet kit, bath towels and a brick shower. The big windows are embellished by a refined and finest drape in harmony with the Marylin room style.

BAMBOO ROOM is a twin room. It is the most colourful room of our bed&breakfast.
Even the bathroom is in line with the room style. Bamboo room is ideal for those who are looking for practicality without denying comfort. The name is inspired to the refined headboards made of desiccated bamboo canes painted with natural products.
Two pillows decorate the bed and make the relaxation area particularly comfortable.
The beds and the furniture are made of natural wood in line with the room style inspired by the respect for nature.
The room is equipped with a full HD TV, a hot/cold air-conditioner and a bathroom with a brick shower, a toilet kit, a wall hair-drier and bath towels.

MAMBA ROOM is the single room of our bed&breakfast. The walls are inspired by the intense colours of Africa.
The wall lamps create a welcoming and charged atmosphere. The bed made of solid wood and the furniture recall the colours of the dark continent. It is the ideal room for people who travel alone or for those who want more privacy.
The refined furniture are well arranged and the play of colours make the mamba room very relaxing: the best solution for people who are on a business trip and need more comfort.
The hot/cold air-conditioner, the full HD TV and the en-suite bathroom equipped with brick shower, toilet kit, wall hair-drier and bath towel will make your stay even more extraordinary.

OASI ROOM is a double room
This room is the best solution to stay in complete autonomy. In addition to the hot/cold air-conditioner and the full HD TV free wi fi there is also a private balcony that communicates with the common terrace.
In this room there are no space limits. The private bathroom is lovely, finely furnished and equipped with every comfort: brick shower, wall hair-drier, toilet kit and bath towels.